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iGenomeDx provides urine drug screens (UDS) and confirmatory tests for a variety of compounds including several commonly prescribed medications and illicit drugs.


iGenomeDx employs a multi-faceted approach to identify compounds from patient urine. First, an immunoassay utilizes antibodies to bind to and identify various medication classes. Subsequently, the highly sensitive and selective technique of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) is employed to measure concentrations specific to analytes found in patient samples.



  • Accuracy and precision. Through the use of multiple testing methods, iGenomeDx can reliably detect even minute concentrations of compounds from patient samples.  

  • Flexibility. iGenomeDx offers the option of UDS, LCMS-based tests, or the combination of both.


  • Allows clinicians to assess patient adherence. By analyzing the concentration of specific compounds in patient samples, clinicians can assess whether patients are taking prescribed medications and utilizing them appropriately.

  • Useful for identifying illicit drugs and other non-prescribed medications. 

Medication Monitoring Test Profile

  • Screening

  • Confirmation

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