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Corporate Story

In 2015, two genetic scientists founded iGenomeDx Inc. to bring their expertise in genetic research and laboratory science to San Antonio. Located in the south Texas Medical Center, iGenomeDx is a genetic testing laboratory that specializes in pharmacogenomics and infectious diseases. Using cutting edge technology and state of the art techniques, the iGenomeDx team is passionate about providing accurate, fast and actionable genetic result to help make precision Medicine a reality for patients and providers in the Alamo Region.


iGenomeDx seeks to become the most trusted genetic testing laboratory in San Antonio by providing fast and accurate precision diagnostics for personalized care.


To enhance decision – making for physicians, increase the quality of care for patients, and lower the costs of healthcare for everyone by providing reliable genetic testing services.

Core Values

  • G- Geared Toward Patient Care. Increasing the quality of patient care is at the center of everything we do. If it's not good for the patient, it's not good for us.

  • E- EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our dedication to our Customers is what sets us apart from big box laboratories.

  • N OF 1. A mantra of personalized Medicine, "N of 1" is a challenge to the status quo of 20th-century medical research that relied on cohorts of thousands (N of Many) to design treatments that were one size fits all. At iGenomeDx, we focus on precision diagnostics tailored to each individual's unique DNA.

  • E- Expert Knowledge. iGenomeDx's services are only as good as the experts we surround ourselves with. Our team is made up of multi-disciplinary experts who work together to bring a wealth of knowledge to our service offerings.

  • S- Scientific Integrity. iGenomeDx was founded by scientists. Our team is committed to providing products and services that meet the highest standards of scientific research and clinical utility.

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